Our paper dog waste sheets are manufactured with recycled non-bleached paper fibers using renewable energy. They are 100% biodegradable and 100% compost-able.

Our grease-resistant paper coating is made from corn to ensure your doggie’s doodie remains inside the paper and not on your hand!

Each box contains a one-month supply of POOCH PAPER and can be discarded in any refuse container.


No pockets? No worries! Our 3"x3" zippered Pooch Pouches are crafted for the perfect fit during an outing with your pup!

Whether snapped to your leash, wrist, stroller or belt loop, our Pooch Pouch has room for up to 10 Pooch Papers with space to spare for personal affects such as credit cards or keys.

We source our Pooch Pouches from a California-based partner who offers eco-friendly dog products, supporting sustainability with a commitment to reducing needless waste in landfills each year.

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Retailers: If you would like to learn how to add our products to your retail shelves (or if you would like to order our boxes of 1,000 sheets for your dog shelter/grooming facility), please contact Tracy at or call (917) 887 1227.

Consumers: If you are a proud pet parent and would like to order our products for your pup, please click here to order from the Etsy store.